June 10th, 2006

Utena: With Sword


I won the Shiny Hat, hurrah! Of course, I did get some competition, and ending up sniping someone for it at the very last minute. Mwahaha.

Now I just need to work out payment, since PayPal doesn't like me for some odd reason.

In other news, the Americanos just saw PotW. And so there is much wailing of the loss of Nine. I find it all really very funny, actually.

Of course, this is most likely because when I saw that episode I had no idea there was a regeneration at all, not being involved in fandom then, and so my response had been more along the lines of, "...WHAT?" (Though I was familiar with the concept of regeneration). But I didn't find it at all upsetting or anything, and so all the wailinga nd flailing and all just strikes me as slightly silly.

And I find silly so highly mockable.

Still, it's entertainment.
British Words


Rob went and sent me an email wishing me (belated) good luck for my Linguistics Exam. Aww.

And I am now working on the next Links List. I am hoping I should be able to get it up before The Satan Pit, if only because I am certain that's going to promote more fic, which will mean more things for me to add.

In less pleasant news, I made my soup too hot, and I think I burnt the roof of my mouth. Owies.

... I've been spamming LJ a bit in the last week or so, haven't I?
Utena: With Sword

Links List: The Ultimate in Procrastination Tools

Since, I am trying to get these links back to being a reasonably regular thing – and to keep me entertained in this time between exams, because one cannot study constantly, I thought I really ought to get onto the next one of these.

Also, I is trying to make it quite good, seeing the attention that the last brought me from certain sources. (And to the ficcers, cheers to you! Write something I deign worthy of recommending, and who knows who might be reading your fic next)

So, here it is!

My previous Links Lists can all be found here, as always.

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And that makes almost 60 more links, and some time killed for me. Um, yay?