June 18th, 2006

Utena: With Sword

Not Doctor Who related, shock horror!

Okay, so Doctor Who has just finished for the week, and I am off to wait for downloads to be up, which may be a while, at least I have Part Five of the Msscribe Saga to entertain me. Man, that is good crack.

Also, on the subject of good fandom crack, mina_de_malfois. Yeah, I know I am behind the times on that one. But for a brilliant fandom satire, you can't beat it.
Utena: With Sword

Brief comments before I dash off again

So, a very, very quick review of Love & Monsters:

Collapse )

Oh, and time_and_chips was on Confidential I am told. Yes, really. Sweet fucking Lord.

*wants that uploaded NOW*

ETA: I think I found the perfect song to listen to while considering this episode.

ETA2: I'm reading the reactions on the OG. Forget what I said before, I think I love this episode if only for the reaction it's getting. Bring on the backlash indeed! *dances*