June 30th, 2006

Utena: With Sword

More from the Moffat Files

Well, since I had such an interesting response to my last Moffatt quote, I thought I'd go dig through some of his other past posts, to see what else he had to say. I remember being highly entertained by him on the OG after Girl in the Fireplace, and wondered if I could find some more fun remarks.

I think this has to be one of my very favourite forum posts ever:

(In response to "Indeed, everyone got carried away (including me) and accusations were flying about in all directions" from an over-reacting fan-type)

"Well everybody kiss and make up. Or kiss and make out. No, hang on, we're all asexual, according to me. Let's all have a-sex, that's sounds good.

In other news: due to popoular demand, I am even now working on my Pompadour sequel. It's called "This Time, Fellatio!"

Steven Moffat"

It never fails to make me sporfle. Ever. You da man, Moffatt!

Also, I would so watch that. What?

I'm just feeling the need for some good Ten/Reinette about now, and I've read everything on my Links Lists too many times. And I can't be bothered digging through my folder for the next Links List for that good one I read earlier this week. Yeah, I'm lazy. Woe. Why can't the good fic just present itself to me?

ETA: And said fic is Generations, by calapine. Thanks to rhipowered, the good fic did present itself to me. Go, read, all of you, it's fabulicious. It's Ten/Reinette, and it's a Reinette as companion AU, and it's got Susan and old school refs, and is all sad and lovely and wonderful.

Also, there was some nice defences of Tom MacRae and Rusty himself.

Nice man, that Moffatt. Srsly. If only I had the money (and, you know, lived in the UK) so I could bid on that dinner with him and Paul Cornell. But $696US? And still half a week to go? Never a chance. Woe.