July 15th, 2006

Utena: With Sword

Requiring of linkage

I'm off to my cousins engagement party this evening, so I thought I'd give you lot something to do instaed of getting into any discussions.

Anyway, Pirates of the Caribbean. Saw the movie last week. Loved it. Wish to discuss/squee over/read fic of it. But, I am not familiar with that side of the fandom.

So, my dear flist, does anyone know of any good PotC LJ comms? To clarify a few things, this is one of those fandoms where I prefer to go with gen and/or canon-ships (unless they are very good - I can see where people get the slash from, but I am not a big fan of PotC slash for the most part). So gen or canon-ships mostly, discussion, that sort of thing. And iconage.