July 17th, 2006

Utena: With Sword

Things I have noticed

Internet Servers should not be allowed to drop out with no notice whatsoever, and remain offline for several hours. It's just not fair. Especially when one needs access to Netbank so they can, you know, pay the damned rent.

Still, fa11ing_away had time for some televisual entertainment. Watched Chicago (She hadn't seen it before, shock, horror), and I mourned my ankle, and the fact I couldn't dance along with it. Curse you, good musicals, and your stupid great music, and stupid choreography I want to learn, and stupid fun acting parts and stupid entertainment value. Stupid decade of dance training having programmed me to want to join in this stuff.

And we also finished off watching Doomsday (For the first time for fa11ing_away) Which was... interesting. I find the ending terribly sad, and very tragic, and yet it still doesn't make me cry.

Though I did notice something that no-one else seems to have picked up on - or if they have, no-one has said much about it.

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Utena: With Sword


It's quarter to four in the morning. And the goddamn smoke alarm above the staircase in our building is going off. And as far as I can tell, I'm the only person awake

And the fucking roof is too high for me to turn it off.

I hate smoke alarms.
Utena: With Sword

When sleeping isn't an option, I find badfic

...And boy, is this one a doozy.

Do people around here remember Rose Pearse? She who declared all people who criticized her fic misscam? (For those who don't, my collation of her epic crazy can be found here, or briefly summed up here.

In any case, since the first series of the Tenth Doctor is over she has decided to celebrate that...by giving Ten his own series of fanfic on her charming site. And the story which spins it off her main story is a doozy.

Ten (how original).

It's... spectacularly bad. Also, it makes Nine out to be right selfish bastard (and seems to have missed the whole "The Doctor doesn't settle down" thing the series went into), Rose into an immature brat a million times worse than even Rose-haters would ever call the canon one, treats her own OC horribly, and despite the fact the story is set up to be a cse of Ten as the bad guy who does something good, so our saintly heroes deign to forgive him, does a better job of making him look like a complete saint for being nice to these twats.

Oh, and her use of thermodynamics makes me want to weep.