July 31st, 2006

Utena: With Sword

The words of the night: Pointy and Soul.

Everyone repeat after me: Pointy. Soul. *giggles*

This evening was the birthday type thing for tinyteddyqueen. Which meant toddling into the city for dinner at the Shanghai Dumpling House again, and then wandering up to tinyteddyqueen's place for cake and junk food and silly talk and games. And drinks.

I had vodka with guarana. It had a most interesting effect.

I got to play a bit of Munchkin, also, and managed to win. Mwahahah!

But we did have one question that needed resolving...

Poll #781516 A question of great importance

Which of the following is the greatest?


And, because you can't have a poll without it...


Some amusing quotes from the night:

becker_: (About tinyteddyqueen) "She came at me with oven mitts!"

becker_: "I worked out how Chuck Norris was conceived. It started when the beautiful Ninjina and the Pirate King came together..."

Callum: "Emos are like try-hard Goths, and Goths are like try-hard people."

Oh, and I now have a Vox. I am not entirely sure why, since I don't intend to give up on my LJ or anything, but it seemed the thing to do. So friend me away, or whatever, over there, and I'll add you in return.

Pointy! Soul! *runs off*
Utena: With Sword

Things of Random

ZOMG! Betrayal at House on the Hill = the best game ever! laurenmitchell had it at the Basement today, and damn it was fun. The first game, I ended up getting blown up, and the second time we defeated a Tentacle Monster.

I so need to play this game more often.

There was also a Mythologue workshop for FAS today. I had an idea for a story, but whether it shall actually get completed is a complete mystery. Yes, even to me.

Oh, and HPS might be brain-melting, but damn it's interesting.

Was chatting to The Sister earlier. We discussed her mid-year exam results - Bs for both Chemistry and Biology, in case you were wondering - her recent very early 18th birthday party, which she had in Portland on the weekend, the fact she is heading on the school ski trip soon, and her plans for Uni (currently, La Trobe seems to have swung into favour again)