September 9th, 2006

Utena: With Sword

My fandom puts out.

The latest from dw_anon: I earned my way into the BNF Cabal through sexual favours!

This one's actually rather amusing.

And on the subject of Doctor Who, to all Second Floor (or Basement, or whatever we are calling ourselves now): Does anyone else particularly want the second series of Doctor Who burnt for them? Seeing as I've done several copies in the last few weeks, I think I better put the idea around. Plus, mid-semester break is coming up.

Just supply me with 8 recordable CDs (I can fit two episodes per CD, except for one longer episode...), and give me a bit of time, and it's all yours.

Though, of course, in condoning these acts of television piracy, I must be rewarded with love and gratitude.

On that note, saikogrrl, and de_chel, your copies are done, so when shall I supply them for you?