September 30th, 2006

Utena: With Sword

And yet more stuffs

So, I have worked out what it is that gave me that blood blister on my foot yesterday. There's a broken zip on the cushion next to my bed. How did I work this out, you ask.

Well, I stepped on it. Again.

I hope I didn't get blood on the carpet.

Teh Links List is almost done - I'll have it up later tonight. It's rather shorter than the last (being out of the inital post-Doomsday boom), and appears to contain a worryingly high proportion of Martha fics. The advantage of an as yet impossible to be OOC character, I suppose.

Oh, and there are two more sections of the bad_penny thing up.

Also, on a vaguely meta note: "if [x] was here now they wouldn't love this version, how could they love this version?" is quite possibly the stupidest bit of Doctor vs Doctor character criticism I have ever come across.

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