October 16th, 2006


I've got mail!

Today I got a postcard from Norway (thank you, misscam!) It has a pretty picture of the Northern Lights on it, and I went and showed it off to all my friends at Uni. They were most impressed.

On a Uni-ly note, you know you are a sci-fi fan, when your HPS lecture on Time (lead up to the Wednesday one on Time Travel, hurrah!) goes something like this:

Lecturer: "It's impossible to try and imagine something outside space and time..."
My thoughts: "No it's not, just put it in a void ship."

Lecturer: "We can't view time from an external perspective."
My thoughts: "Yeah, but there are some individuals who can!"


Note to self: Keep sci-fi thoughts out of lectures.

And, if anyone wants some fandomly amusement: Bad Doctor Who fanfic summaries. Look out for the "voyage filled with SEX, SEX, SEX"