December 6th, 2006

Utena: With Sword

LJ: Like a to-do list, in a way.

Another parcel arrived today - Pressies from misscam. Which consisted of some cute socks with Reindeer on them, and a silver rune pendant thing. Thanks, Cam!

...Which reminds me, I need to send my cards and whatnot off. That will have to be done on Monday, though - tomorrow will involve, you know buying gifts, and Friday I have both CHAS stuff and fa11ing_away's cocktail party. Oi, tinyteddyqueen, what time are you heading out to that, as I'll probably need a lift?

Tomorrow (I apologise for using my LJ as a to-do list):
- Drop in at Uni to sign up for the union while it's still discounted.
- Check a couple of subject things whilst at Uni
- In the city, to pick up some plain t-shirts for painting.
- Christmas presents for online types (and cards, if I haven't enough so far)
Feel free to drop me reminder links to your wishlists and/or addresses.

Also, plane tickets for Queensland have been booked. So, I'll be up there from the 1st until the 8th of February, if I recall correctly.

And random factoid from peeps at the OG who have seen the new DWM: Apparently for the New York episode, the director "and team" actually went over to New York to do some filming. Colour me impressed. Oh, and there's an apparent title for the Shakespeare episode.