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Reviews of Stuff

Stupid people actually buying tickets to see Harry Potter meant I couldn't go with frabjously and friends. And thus had a completely pointless trip into the CBD today. Boo.

At least I got to test out the other new boots, though. And one of Connie's friends complimented me on my outfit, which is always nice.

Oh well, I'll be seeing Harry Potter on Friday, anyway.

Instead, my flist gets subjected to: Reviews Of Stuff.

Stuff #1: Ocean's 13 aka The Movie What I Saw On Cheap-Arse Tuesday.

I enjoyed it, but I'm rather a fan of heist movies. I like seeing convoluted schemes come together - or fall apart, as it were - and everyone backstabbing and betraying and dodgy alliances and all.

Wasn't as good as the first one (because, you know, the whole sequel thing), but probably better than the second. I say probably, because I can't remember a damned thing about the second, even though I know I've seen it.

Stuff #2: Heart-Shaped Box aka The Book What I Borrowed.

I'm not a big reader of the horror/thriller type genre, so I can't comment on whether this book is a particular original example of the genre.

But I have to say, it's got one of the most movie like premises in a book I've seen in ages.

I'm not talking prose-wise - Dan Brown writes movie novelisation prose, complete with info dumps he can't figure out how to work naturally into the text. This actually had some rather nice prose stuff, at least in the more psychological/dreamy aspects.

But the plot is basically set up, few scares, minor character killed off, minor backstory, leads chased and messed around with by killer. Killer is temporarily held off. Running sequence, leads feel safe, close miss by killer, major backstory, mini-climax and major backstory, climactic battle, good defeats evil via backstory info, resolution, epilogue set several years later.

Or, to simplify even further: Your basic slasher/chase set up. Only in this case the killer's already dead. Meh.

There was some really good ideas in there, with some wonderful prose - the ghost being a hypnotist, and exploration of his backstory (the Vietnam stuff), the lead being a rock-star, and finding out that music drowns out the hypnotist - pity that, apart from the title, and as a plot point, it wasn't touched on more. Some fascinating ideas about death and how the dead interact with the living. Oh, and the lovely idea of the lead collecting morbid items, which was nothing except a reason for him to own a ghost. You could have some great atmospheric stuff with that.\

Lots of stuff that was only briefly touched on was fascinating - rather more so than the actual plot. I wanted creepy world of the dead stuff, not slasher film chase stuff!

Wiki informs me that a film is due to be made of this book. Given the book, I don't expect it to be a very original film. Given the set up, it'll be really easy to adapt. But all the tiny, really good things about the book which I like best and would have liked to hear more about would be lost. It might be nicely atmospheric though. And it'd be criminal if it didn't have a good soundtrack.

ETA: Doctor Who on Fandom Wank, yet again. Contains copious Tennant picspam in the comments
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