January 21st, 2007

Lulz Internet

Lessons in Comm Management

Lesson the First: If you are going to start a new character based comm, don't start it for a character that already has a comm with 350 members.

Lesson the Second: If you do start a comm challenging another one, don't make a post advertising it in the other comm.

Lesson the Third: If you are going to advertise in the other comm, don't
bitch about that comm in the comments of your own post.

Lesson the Fourth: If you are going to advertise your comm in even more other comms, make sure they are in the same fandom.

Lesson the Fifth: If you are trying to get pimp your comm everywhere, don't be surprised when people from other comms comment.

Lesson the Sixth: If you are trying to get "like 1600 members", don't bash ships - like, say, Doctor/Rose/Jack - when you have advertised in a comm for that ship - like, say, better_with_3 (post since deleted).

Lesson the Seventh: If you have gotten your friend to make you a mod of a comm, don't bash the ship the comm is design to appeal to in the comm's very first post.

Lesson the Eighth: And, if you're going to ignore all of these lessons... well, just make sure you have enough popcorn for everyone who likes a good comedy of errors.

Here endeth the lesson.

ETA: And guess which comm mods have been wanked for an entirely different matter? I think we have a new comedy sensation.