February 14th, 2007

British Words


You know, if our broadband was up, I'd be able to watch the new Life on Mars this evening. Alas.

Instead, I shall be reading The Historian, which I bought because it was A) cheap, and B) I once read a review of it that described as being "kind of like The Da Vinci Code, but actually good. And with more vampires."

So, that's the book of today. Yesterday's books were two of the Torchwood books, which have shown up at Minotaur now, and the seventh Dresden File book. (The sixth one was Monday's book). I must see if any of the city stores have the eighth in stock, since Minotaur was out.

Still no broadband, but at least we have the temporary dial-up thing.

Oh, and feel free to recommend more books you think I might like, I could do with more reading material, since I'm going them pretty damn quick.