March 19th, 2007

Lulz Internet

The wonders of CCM

Oh, Contemporary Culture and Media, how you make me laugh. It is very probably the only place in existance where you will hear, in dead seriousness the phrase, "the discourses around Bootylicious" being used.

(I did give a guilty sort of smirk when the lecturer started talking about branding as a sort of commodity fetishism. What with me missing his last lecture for the Stella McCartney opening, and wearing my Stella dress to this lecture...)

Still, I am currently trying to make up my mind as to what to do my mid-semester paper on. I'm currently leaning towards analysing a scene from a movie (rather than just a picture), but that means I have to decide what scene. And, you know, what movie. V for Vendetta struck me as a possibility, since A) I have it on DVD, B) It has some seriously impressive visuals, C) Some nice symbolic stuff going on, and D) It's just plain cool. But we shall have to see. I may change my mind.

On the subject of cool, ZOMG POTC3 TRAILER!

Yeah, it's in Russian. It's still damned awesome.

And whilst I'm linking trailers, a second Doctor Who S3 trailer. Much shorter than the first, but with added Boe.

And still being linktastic, A cute, if rather amusingly bonkers picture of Freema Agyeman. Oh, those British papers...

Oh, and everyone's favourite loony, the Horse Wife guy is on OTF_Wank again. This time, because he's apparently kicked out his girlfriend for wanting to see other guys (not the horse, his other love interest). It's like the worlds most cracked out soap opera.

ETA: Doctor Who and the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. Proof you need very few vidding skills whatsoever to make a freaking hysterical vid. Tears of laughter here, literally.