April 8th, 2007

British Words

Hey Nonny Nonny

Non spoilery response to The Shakespeare Code: I really liked most of it (mainly because it touched on a few of my favourite concepts, and had mostly great in-jokes and dialogue), but the small bits I didn't like annoyed me so much it's negatively colouring my view of the rest. Which is not good.

So, overall, not as good as Smith and Jones. But mostly quite good.

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All in all, so long as I try not to think too long on that one fucking annoying thing, I really enjoyed it. Hopefully we shall see future episode in which the Doctor become fully aware of Martha's awesomeness to make up for it.

And someone so needs to write Doctor/Martha/Shakespeare based around the sonnets

ETA: Apparently the writer is on the commentary track on the Beeb website, along with Julie Gardner and the director. Anyone heard it?I'm interested in what they say, but am too lazy to download it. It'd be interested to see what is said about Martha and future events...

ETA2: Confidential is cheering me a little. On the next episode: "The Doctor finally realises he's becaome attached to Martha."
Utena: With Sword

I love my flist



Now all I need is a Shakespeare/Martha/Doctor fic, an AU where Shakespeare is a companion too, or a fic where Teen!Martha learns about Shakespeare and the sonnets

ETA: More fics I has found, mostly through friendsfriends.

One Night Only by jennyo. Hot smut, Martha being awesome, and painful-sad. But in the good way.

Getting On With It by karnythia. Not so much Ten/Martha as Ten'n'Martha. But good.