April 29th, 2007

Utena: With Sword

"There's no room on this planet for another race of people."

La Who Review for this week. With random jaunts into Why You Can't Trust Reviews By Other People, Some (Pop) Psychological Discussion Of Martha, and Why Freud Makes More Sense In Fiction Than Reality. And a definition of Danversing.

Non spoiler version: Since getting this episode too rather longer than usual, I went and spoiled myself on other people's reviews - and thus, was expecting to not like this episode. So it was to my surprise that I did like it - as with last week, like rather than love, but I definitely rate this higher than the first two-parters of the previous series'. And I find some of the criticisms from people I normally agree with quite puzzling, but more in the land of spoilerdom...

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So, well, there's rather a lot to talk about for an episode that is mostly a popcorn movie, don't think too hard type. (I gleefully ignored the dodgy science, given that, well, Doctor Who is practically based on dodgy science. I'll live)
Utena: With Sword

Alrighty Then!

Shockingly enough, it's a post completely unrelated to fandom. Instead it's about *drumroll* my 21st.

So, I've been speaking to the Parentals, and plans are starting to slip into place. However, I sort of need to get an idea of numbers, so I can make bookings and what-not.

Details are as follows:

Date: Thursday 31st May, 2007.
Time: Precise time TBA, but around 7ish.
Place: Dracula's Theatre Restaurant, Victoria St, Carlton.
Includes: Three course dinner, and show. Oh, and the fab atmosphere at Dracula's. Plus dancing and so on after dinner.
Bring: Money for your own drinks (They have some rather nice cocktails. Plus, you know, ordinary drinks). Also, seeing as it is a gothic themed theatre restaurant, people are entirely welcome to go with the theme and dress a little crazy. (Not everyone will, mind)

Additional Info:
- Because it'll be a group booking, I need to know numbers soon. So, expressions of interest ASAP, and full confirmed RSVP by some time next week (I need to ring the place, to check how early they require group bookings).
- For Melbourne Uni peoples, it's during swotvac, if that's any relevance.
- The Parental shall be along, too. However, it' my 21st, so saintly behaviour isn't expected (and having a few drinks is).
- 12 people are required for a group booking. I have 5 definites thus far.

This goes to all my friends from uni, formerly at Uni, in association with Uni clubs, or any other way I know you (Yeah, it's only relevent to the Melbourne types):

So, if you are interested, and think you will be able to make it, drop me a comment here, or tell me in person. Also, so I can check up before I do the final booking and all (and I still haven't gotten everyone's numbers back since my old phone was pinched), please leave a mobile number here as well (and you're name, since LJ names sometimes confuse me). Again, people are welcome to tell me in person. But hearing from you ASAP would be nice.

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