July 5th, 2007

Lulz Internet

Are they trying to see how many times fandom can implode in a week?

Yesterday, I went to the zoo. YA RLY!

'Twas for becker_'s birthday. So, zoo during the day, dinner at Shanghai Dumpling House, some wandering around the city for a bit, onto that Ferris Wheel thingy by the Yarra, Max Brenner's for hot chocolate, and then up to fireflyfaery's where we playyed Munchkin.

I had a shock last minute victory, which was fun.

However, my legs are now killing me. Ow!

Anyway, good day out, lots of fun, though I would have liked it better if it had been less damned cold. Stupid Winter.

Anyways, it meant I was absent from Teh Fandom from a bit yesterday, and was not able to respond to certain announcements. Then again, I never commented on other announcements earlier this week here, so I think I'll comment on the lot of them at once.

- Announcement about Martha
- Announcement about the Christmas special
- Announcement about Series 4

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In other news, Doctor Who on Fandom Wank again. Does that mean lifeonmartha has been broken in now?

That said, I was sort of expecting this. Fandom + Race always seems to cause wank when combined. Throwing finale opinions, and character preferences probably didn't help, either.