September 3rd, 2007

Utena: With Sword

This GIP was brought to you by Calapine, photoshop, and marvellous insanity

This is not the GIP you are looking for. Even if the icon, by calapine needs to reformat the scale of awesome given how entertained I was by it

Over on Ye Olde Outpost Gallifrey Forums, there is someone informing us that there is due to be an important announcement of Doctor Who's future coming up, embargoed until tomorrow (UK time). And it's supposedly good news, so it seems unlikely to be the impending cancellation.

Cue mass speculation.

The main thought seems to be official confirmation of S5, but it strikes me as a very odd time to announce something like that, especially given that S4 wasn't announced officially until the S3 premiere, and the rumours about cancellation or what-all have been quiet as of late. Which makes me think it's somehow tied to the whole Tennant in Hamlet thing.

I guess we'll see when the embargo lifts. Which, according to some quick mental calculations, should be about 9am Melbourne time. I should be awake to see it, then...

ETA: The person who scooped the fact there is an announcement coming up is hinting at contents.

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And in completely unrelated news. This song is completely made of awesome