September 21st, 2007

Utena: With Sword

I have shiny new things!

Well, today was a terribly productive day. If by productive, one means "resulted in me having several lovely shiny new things", anyway.

Anyhoo, Stuff What Happened Today was:

- I got a lovely new Doctor Who Series Three moodtheme, courtesy of teh_fahrbot. And while I was doing it, I actually went and updated my profile for the first time in ages.

That said, I didn't change much. Just got the facts straight.

- Doctor Who Magazine arrived. Nothing devastatingly new and exciting, but still, it's new reading matter and shiny pictures.

- Some time and the Vic Market. Didn't actually end up buying anything, but it was still nice for a look around.

- Toddled into the city, and at Minotaur managed to pick up a brand spanking new copy of Making Money. Which was a nice surprise, since I was looking for something completely different there. (Yes, it was insanely overpriced getting it at Minotaur. What the hell, I'm paying the extra for immediacy and spoiler freedom).

- Gotted myself a new iPod. 80 gig iPod classic, to be exact. It's all shiny and black and thus I have named it "Darth". It is being synced up with all my music as I type.

- And then I went and saw Stardust. Which I actually quite liked, though I think it'll be more fun with some of my friends. Still quite nice, though, and I now really need to read that one of Gaiman's stories.

One mildly spoilery thought, though. Collapse )

And now I am going to go read Making Money. Because it's a new Pratchett, dammit!