September 25th, 2007

Utena: With Sword

Reasons why cleaning one's room is a good thing:

Thus far, I have managed to find:

- The charger for my camera, which has been missing for months.
- $16 and 10 cents.
- A cheque for 40 dollars.
- A $20 Borders gift voucher.
- A cupboard I bought to organise my jewellery in.
- Numerous items of clothing I forgot I had.
- My graphics calculator.

... You know, I could almost be grateful the iPartment is being inspected tomorrow. Well, today now.

That said, despite being not entirely clean, given the hour I think I shall get some sleep now, and finishing cleaning up in the morning. It'll be mostly organising the stuff lying on the floor and doing some vacuuming, anyway.
Utena: With Sword

And to think, I started out thinking that I wasn't going to do much today...

Well, today was surprisingly eventful. I say "surprising" because very little of said events had anything to do with that apartment inspection, which was, in the words of fa11ing_away, anti-climactic - lady from the estate agents showed up, spent a couple of minutes looking around, asked a few questions, and was gone in five minutes.

Which made all the time I spent cleaning my room seem a bit of a waste. I mean, you can actually see my bedroom floor now.

Anyhoo, after said inspection, fa11ing_away and I headed over to Savers, Op-Shop of Gods (though it was having a dodgy day. Lots of choice if you were going to a Bad Taste costume party, mind). I did manage to nab myself a fitted brown fitted. There may have been Firefly gags made.

Then, after some wandering around on Sydney Road, we headed into the city for lunch (Crossways) and then over to Brunswick Road, where there was browsing in a number of shops, and then the buying of things at American Vintage and that Alannah Hill/Dangerfield/Assorted others Factory Outlet. Got a rather nice haul, given my unabiding love for second hand and factory outlet stuff. (Also, the assistant undercharged me by $20, which I may have neglected to point out to her...)

Anyhoo, I got:
- A silky fitted pale aqua jacket. When worn with the hat and scarf I currently had on, I looked like a flight attendant, which was mildly amusing.
- Green, white and brown mini-skirt.
- Two single Alannah Hill earrings. They're odd earrings, but made of the same sort of beads, so actually look quite funky different.
- Three pieces of Alannah Hill fabric. The two little ones I'll use as scarves, the larger one I may get made into a skirt (When fa11ing_away isn't busy with her own sewing projects, anyway)
- Four hats. Three baker's boy caps - one red and suede-y, one of the green chinese silk, one black and green cord. Also, the Hat of CrackTM. So called, because it is the most crack-tastic hat I have ever seen. Really, it defies description.

...It probably says a lot that all of these items were cheaper than the coat I got from Saver's.

Anyhoo, after that we headed into the city for a Wing Loong's adventure with ephant, forsakendaemon and... someone else whose name I've forgotten. Sorry.

And after that, ephant, forsakendaemon and I went to the movies and saw Hairspray, which was actually quite entertaining. Even if I cracked up every time I saw Christopher Walken dance, since it reminded me of Weapon of Choice.

Oh, and after that, I headed home. And discovered I had forgotten my keys. And had two fines for not having tram tickets show up at once.

So, yeah, stuff happened. And I need sleep.

And all this, and I still haven't managed to see those Sarah Jane Adventures episodes.

(Speaking of, between that and Heroes, they've eaten my flist, which is otherwise quite dead).