January 17th, 2008

Utena: With Sword

I need screencaps. And icons. And fic.

So, Torchwood's response to all the criticism they've gotten over the break?

Seems to have been, "So, they keep claiming that Torchwood is like fanfic? Well, let's damn well make fanfic"

With all the shippiness, silliness and snarkiness that implies.

It's almost scary how much better Torchwood is when it's willing to totally take the piss out of itself. It's silly as hell, but at least it admits that.

(Also: Need clips and caps and discussion of the series trailer. Especially the Marthatastic bits)

Now, talk with me, people. Talk!

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ETA: Owen reporting on the between series goings on. Also, Doctor Who S3 finale. Apparently from the Official Torchwood site. Haven't LOLed so hard in ages.

ETA2: The New Series Trailer on YouTube *flails*