March 11th, 2008

Utena: With Sword

No, you don't want to hear about my classes

You know, given my recent posting frequency, I seem to have had very little to talk about as of late.

Though my neck is less ow, which is always of the good.

Fandom-wise, there's been yet another chapter in the never ending Lexicon Wank

On a Doctor Who note, they appear to have finally reached a critical mass of cracktastic rumoured spoilers, and thus nothing people are coming up with seems at all weird to me now.

I fear permanent damage.

Oh, and response to some bitchy comments over on Who fandom's new anonymeme, we have Reasons why Martha is awesome (with no bitching about other companions). Shinytabulous!

And your profound thought of the day, courtesy of someone in my Writing Through Character class:

"You can believe in multigrain."