March 26th, 2008


Torchwood fandom: Current scheduled to implode on April 4th (Or possibly sooner at this rate...)

Do not click this unless you want some BIG HONKING HUGE spoilers for the finale of Torchwood S2. As in actual confirmation, not just rumours of things to happen.

Oh man, there is going to be some epic wank from fandom once this airs. It looks like some people have already started on certain places online...

(Also: Expect lots of BIG HONKING HUGE spoilers in the comments, also.)

ETA: I predict I may, at some point, have to duplicate this old post of mine.
Lulz Internet

There is some shit you truly cannot make up

Say, anyone know what's up with the filming going on at Uni? I was headed in there to do a few vitally important bits and pieces (Return a CD to the Psych office, make some arrangements at the bank, buy a Latte at Castro's Shush, you, Castro's Lattes are a wondrous thing and thus a matter of great importance), and there was half a freaking block of make-up and prop trucks parked along Grattan Street.

I thought it was for that Nicholas Cage whatsit that's in town, but I can't find the article I read that mentioned filming at Uni.

Oh, and in other, and probably more entertaining news, Rick Astley has given his support to Rickrolling.

Teh Intarweb is truly a glorious, glorious place.

Speaking of which, over at Ye Olde Lexicon Wank, SVA and co have requested JKR as a witness for the defense.

To clarify: The People JKR is trying to sue have requested her as a witness for their side.

You cannot make this shit up.