May 21st, 2008

Utena: With Sword

Well, bother

So, some time this week, I am supposed to email the Parentals with a list of things I want and/or need for my birthday.


Problem here? I have no idea what might go on said list.

I mean, yeah, I needed some new jeans... but then I got some last Thursday. And while I always love new clothes, as people who know me can attest, I have a somewhat... individual taste (ie. I prefer to do my own shopping).

Which leaves me with one of those exceedingly vague lists of, basically, "Stuff. You know, things I like?"

...Which is not a help.

So, erm, any suggestions on things I should request for my birthday?

(Speaking of my Birthday, just a reminder to my RL friends that info on the celebration is here and on Facebook for those planning to RSVP)
Utena: With Sword

A minor alteration to plans.

This is only really relevent to those who wanted to come to my birthday whatsit next week (see my Facebook or this post for more info. Everyone else, feel free to ignore.

So, according to the Hoyts website, next week on Tuesday, Indiana Jones is only being aired in the evening at 6:30pm and 9:30pm.

Since, for a night still during term, 9:30 strikes me as finishing a bit late for my liking, the plans set up need some slight alteration, giving basically two options:

- Go to the 6:30 session, and have dinner after.
- Have dinner before, and then walk over to the casino to see the movie at the 7:45 at Village.

Thoughts, anyone? If I don't get any responses online, it'll basically just be a case of whoever shows up at 6pm helps me decide, so if you have any specific wishes and can't be there at 6, let me know online or by SMS ASAP.