July 3rd, 2008

Utena: With Sword

This icon isn't exactly new, but everyone loves gratuitous kittens, right?

I have just spent the last half hour using a hair pin to repair a belt buckle.

Just call me MacGyver, baby.

And onto more serious business:

I have yet to be killed in my sleep, and have received no more somewhat creepy texts, some I'm concluding that yesterday's bit of weirdness was a wrong number, and not worth worrying about.

Which is cheering.

What is less cheering is the fact I believe I am very shortly going to be sick. I am currently experiencing the Sore Throat Of Unknown Origin That Previews Oncoming Illness.

...Which is making me really quite grumpy, and not for the obvious reason, either.

It's my personal experience that I always feel rubbish just after exams, because during the swotvac/exam period I always end up keeping weird hours, not leaving the iPartment for days on end, and thus eating really crappily.

So I've been making an effort to get my sleeping hours to something remotely normal, to spend at least some time elsewhere every day, and actually have a decent amount of variety in my diet.

And, consequentially, this means I've been spending time out in the cold wind, and instead of just feeling rubbish I'm getting actually sick.

I just can't win. *sigh*

Onto more amusing matters, for fandom type Serious Business, Doctor Who fandom appears to be so set on wanking up a blinder come the season finale it's had two wanks make Fandom Wank in the last week.

I think it's foreplay.