August 1st, 2008

Utena: With Sword

Look! It's a post! About things!

The advantage of it being the first week of semester: neither of my Friday pracs were on this week. So I had the day off. Which was nice.

Also nice was the fact that I have no actual textbooks to buy this semester, just readers. Yay at the absence of big expensive books to buy. (I also seem to have only one end of semester exam. Which will be pleasing)

In more fannish type news, JKR has announced she'll be selling copies of "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" for charity.

Which is, you know, nifty. And another reason why I think that JKR, whatever her writing issues, is a really very admirable person.

There's also HBP trailer out, which looks ...better than I had expected, really (and I'm someone who rather liked the book).

In more wanktastic news some book about sparkly vampires is coming out. ;)

To be honest, everything I know about Twilight and it's sequels is from mockery online, and the lulz are epic here.

(I was also rather pleased that when YA fantasy was brought up in my Short Fiction class the other day, the majority opinions seemed to be that Twilight was either bad or so bad it's good, and that Harry Potter was very good)

And because I will never stop finding this funny, some guy was arrested for theft dressed as the Joker.