August 21st, 2008

FMA: Older Hot Ed

The Internet: Also supplies things of great squee

I last posted a week ago.

Um, er, whoops?

I meant to update earlier - it's not even as if I had nothing to post about, because I did.

'Cos on Friday night I went with Allan and ...some other people and finally got to see Dark Knight on IMAX which makes my sixth time seeing it overall, and yes I know I have a problem, which was rather nifty once they got the sound mix right (especially my favourite truck flippy thing). And then over the weekend I went up to Swan Hill for my cousin's birthday party on Saturday night, which ended up being less of a party and more a catch-up with Teh Extended Family, as well as rolling my eyes at the kinda pathetic drunk guy who kept falling over. But my Cousin's wife's farm did have an ickle baby foal, which I got to go see. I have pictures! At some point I may put them online.

(If you are reading this aloud, please take some deep breaths here)

...But that's not really why I am posting. 'Cos it's not like most of you guys really care about what goes on in my personal life.

So, onto the fun stuff: Fandom!

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And those are the things that are making me happy today. Long may they continue.