October 18th, 2008

Nextwave: Robot Head

Yep, that's what it actually took to motivate me to do this

So, this morning my laptop (aka my normal computer) went and threw a hissy-fit of epic proportions.

And by hissyfit, I mean it just stopped working.

And as you can sort of guess from that statement, there were very many ways is which this was just not good.

Anyhow, Lancelot (the Laptop) is currently at a repair place up in Coburg, waiting for someone to work out what's wrong and give me a quote on getting it fixed.

And as for me?

Well, I've spent the entire afternoon getting the computer I'd had sitting in the living room actually properly set up and all. (Including the necessary programs, and trying to remember all the sites I had bookmarked) People who've been to the iPartment know which one I mean (Sorry, Josh, you can't use the epic screen to play games on any more).

Fortunately, nothing real important was lost when Lancelot threw his hissy-fit, 'cos most of the important stuff was on the external hard-drive, and the only thing I was in the middle of when it went kerblewy was reading HP fanfic. I do seem to be missing the play counts on all my songs in iTunes, alas.

Anyhow, aside from the futility or trying to remember just what I've forgotten to set up, there are a couple of things I do still need for Teh New Computer.

Firstly, is a new wallpaper. All the ones I have saved were sized to fit the laptop's screen, which was rather smaller. So, if you guys could drop me links to wallpapers you think I'd like (you're on my flist, you should have an idea of what sort of things and fannishness I am into) or ones that are just plain good - and sized 1440x900, could you drop a link to this post?

And the second - and naturally, more important - is that said New Computer is in need of a name. The Laptop was Lancelot, the iPod is Darth, my memory stick is Clementine my external HD is The Oncoming Storage: a suitable name is essential.

Key features of the PC, for characterisation purposes: Epicly large screen, speakers that actually work (I've been using headphones on Lancelot for four years), and the on the front of the actual computer, on of those little panel things that covers the gaps for inserting extra CD drives and whatever is missing 'cos someone poked it too hard.

Names, people. Names!

PS: Everything is going Just As Planned, computer-wise right now. But if anything starts being wonky, expect posts from me begging for assistance.