November 13th, 2008

Utena: With Sword

Four Yays and a NOOOO!

You know, I really am quite enjoying not having any more assignments to do this semester. (Yes, I still have an exam in a week. That's okay, I can deal with exams)

Amongst other things, it allowed me to both get sleep and see what assorted fandoms are up to.

As a result, I can give you the following:

Things about today (and the rest of the week) which are awesome

- You know that HP Lexicon wank that never ends? Guess what will (apparently) be having an appeal.

Apparently someone didn't want Twilight fandom to steal their epic wanking crown.

- Speaking of which, though I have absolutely no desire to ever spend any money whatsoever on anything at all related to the sparkly vampires, I cannot deny that Robert Pattinson and his complete willingness to say exactly what he thinks of said books and their author continue to make me LOL. And wonder how he gets away with it.

- A new chapter of FMA just came out! Which, even in my list of awesome things, wins a prize for being especially awesome. Even though you can tell it's getting awfully close to the end stages of the manga, the plot is kicking on, and I have so much love for the characters right now. All of them.

But especially Collapse )

- Something of a coming soon bit of awesome, that new Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon. Which isn't quite the same sort of Batman as TDK, but I mean, look at that trailer! Doesn't that look like fun.

Also, it has Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle) as a recurring character, and he automatically makes things more awesome. See what I mean?

However, that brings me to another topic.

Things about today which really suck

- Blue Beetle is getting cancelled.

My response? An epic NOOOOOO! Seriously, I have no other words. I can't decide if I should be full of emo or full of rage right now.

*goes to look for Blue Beetle icons*

ETA: And this is now a GIP on top of everything else. YOU CAN TAKE MY COMIC BOOK, BUT YOU CAN NEVER TAKE MY ICONS!