January 24th, 2009

Utena: With Sword

Posting in the Dark. Like Bartending in the Dark, but geekier.

So, this week's installment of the glorious crack was somewhat less cracktastic than in the past, but was, well, pretty darn nifty.

At least it was if you like Blue Beetle(s).

I swear, someone on the B:TB&TB production team has to be a Doctor Who fan. As well as last week's shout outs, in the spin-off comic, apparently Rip Hunter is a Time Lord.

And onto serious business type posting: Just how curious are you flist-type people about The Egypt Trip?

Because I was wondering, if people are interested, if I should maybe set up a Twitter account so people can hear just what I'm up to, even if I can't reply.

I mean, whether I do that or not, I'm still going to have great big detailed posts when I get back with picspams and anecdotes and stuff, but it just struck me that people might find it nifty to see random comments about me standing in front of the pyramids or whatever, since I'll be otherwise out of contact for three weeks.

Any yays, nays to this idea?

...I think I'll go to bed early tonight. My bedroom light has just blown, and it's to late too go buy a replacement.