March 5th, 2009

Science Motherfuckers!

And I am still without a Watchmen icon...

Well, since I had no classes today, and I couldn't find anyone hanging around Second Floor today after I paid my bills and got my haircut.

And, well, ended up hanging around the city and seeing Watchmen, since it wasn't that busy and I had time to kill.

(I know I said I'd go see it with you on Monday, fa11ing_away, and I'm still up for that if you want to. Incidentally, you read the original?)

Anyway, my non-spoilery review would be pretty much good but not great. Though I'm not sure how much of this opinion is biased by me being a bit of a fan of the comic/graphic novel/whatever.

It has it's moments of brilliance, but they don't quite coalesce into a brilliant whole. It is, however, pretty pretty amazing visually, though.

Collapse )

Despite all that criticism, I did actually like it - like I said, good but not great (the criticisms are what stop it being great). It's just that an awful lot of the good stuff is about the original version, and it feels, well, unnecessary to say. It looks lovely, the actors all did a decent job, people obviously put a lot of effort into the sets and fine detail. The musical montages were quite nifty (if, after a couple, a bit too "another one?"

Just, yeah.

Anyone else seen it and want to discuss?

ETA: If you want a link to something related to Watchmen (but not spoilery for the movie), I give you The Funniest Watchmen Related Thing Ever. No Words.