March 28th, 2009

Utena: With Sword

I think that counts as a good day

Well, it's been an interesting weekend so far. And by "weekend", I am in this case referring to Friday and Saturday, since I am reasonably sure I am doing nothing much of interest tomorrow.

Anyhow, on Friday there was my tute presentation (on Feminism - mostly discussing a paper about how affirmative action is represented), and then hanging out, and then food in Chinatown, and then off to see the good vampire movie that is out. AKA that Swedish one, Let the Right One In.

Which was indeed quite good, especially the really gorgeously cinematography. My only criticisms would one or two moments of somewhat dodgy CGI. But it's amazing how good a vampire romance can be when it, you know, actually points out how damned messed up that would be.

A notable piece of discussion of the evening: Why "Your Mum!" jokes are responsible for the global financial crisis.

And then today, I went to Supanova, which is one of Melbourne's sci-fi type conventions. No costume, just as me (complete with hat), which was enough given how ridiculously hot it was inside the building.

I actually spent most of the day hanging around with a Roy Mustang and an L cosplayer, neither of whose real names I picked up. Oh well. We had bonded over being stuck in line together, waiting to get Vic Mignogna's autograph. (We did actually end up getting the autographs - I also got my FMA boxset signed and a photo with Vic).

The only talk I ended up getting to was Vic's, which was mostly entertaining (though I tuned out his brief spiel on Christianity.) But he liked my question, and we did get to see this fanvid, but sung live.

I also saw the cosplay (There were some nifty Princess Tutu cosplayers), which once more made me wish I could sew, so I could take part. Though I'm really just a wig away from a Misa outfit...

There was also lots of toddling round and talking to people and looking at neat stuff. And buying things. I ended up with a bunch of comics that were cheaper (Green Lantern Corp and Gotham Central), a couple of anime box-sets (now on my Plan to Watch list), and a cheap keyring, and a plushy Kuroneko.

And a comic of the Chuck Norris vs Jesus fancomic. Oh yeah.