April 24th, 2009

Utena: With Sword

My ever so exciting life

Well, isn't that just grand?

I go all the way into Uni for my one subject - which involved much wandering around in the rain, why thank you Melbourne Weather - and even managed to turn up early and everything.

And so I'm sitting there with about five other people, and we're wondering at the low turn out, and after like I go and check the schedule to see what topic we are on this week.

And naturally, I find there were no tutes this week.

Yay for me. *facepalm*

So I went back to II, where I watched people play incomprehensible games, and listened to the bizarre noise coming from the next room.

Which made for one gloriously pointless day. At least I didn't wake up early for it or anything.

And it gave me time to catch up on some random fannish type stuff this evening. So huzzah for that.
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