April 29th, 2009

Utena: With Sword

An epic tale of facepalmery

Well, what do you know - it's time once more for our regular dose of Wednesday Weirdness.

...And I swear, that really wasn't intended to sound quite so game show host.

Anyhoo, onto the weird.

- In Psych lab, we were informed by our tutor of his great and wonderful love of z-scores. No, I do not ship it.

- In Star Trek club, we had to save the Doctor from the evils of Pixelation!
... Okay, so the Doctor Who DVD borked up towards the end, and we got some amusingly blurry pictures. (In case you were wondering, the episode in question was Boomtown. Which just reminded me that watching that was when I decided that A) I really wasn't a fan of Rose, and B) Mickey was my favourite.)

- In Creative Writing, we had to write descriptions of other people in the class. And then they got read out. Which was kinda amusing. (No descriptions of me were read, though the one I wrote was).

- I also workshopped my draft this week, though that was more the awkward weird than the amusing sort.

- There was a Kitchen party in the iPartment! 'Cos everyone needs to eat.

- The epic saga of my DVD drive. Which actually encompasses yesterday, too.

Anyway, since I had no class yesterday, and I was feeling cold and lazy, I decided to stay in and watch more anime DVDs. Slight problem: My computer's DVD drive decided to go on the blink. All freaking day. I poked around and troubleshot and rebooted and restarted and no matter what, it just would not play DVDs, even ones that worked fine on the weekend (CDs worked fine, though). I even had the HouseMatt come in and take my computer apart to look, and in the end even he thought it was the DVD Reader giving up the ghost and need a new DVD drive.

So, overnight I come to deal with the fact that I'll have to buy a new drive. No biggie - that aren't that expensive, relatively speaking, and Matt walked me though how to install one. DVDs still not playing this morning. I get home, after late Creative Writing, and do a last minute check that the discs themselves work for other people - no problem. So, of to get a new Drive tomorrow.

I give the player one last check, just for the hell of it, not expecting anything to happen. And what do you know: It works.

I don't know if I should be pleased it started working before I forked out for a new one, or annoyed that it apparently went on the blink for no reason whatsoever.

And now I need to watch as much as possible before it dies again! So much for an early night to bed...

ETA: And naturally just typing these words has jinxed me, since the stupid thing is now playing every DVD except the one I actually want it to play. Fuck You, Universe.