June 12th, 2009


Icon memes: A great excuse to gratuitously flaunt icons at people

Because one of the downsides of swotvac and exam study aside from the whole having to study deal is how it sort of really kills my social life, and thus gives me not all that much post about, I am gratuitously memeing.

Ta to londonesque for this meme, even if it appears that the last time I made a meme post, it was this very meme. Hey, that was five months ago. However in honour of this recent memeage, I shall use only icons I have picked up since then. Which is actually quite a few. (Excluding the first two categories, which are Old And Boring Icons)

Collapse )

...Yeah, I am not at all waiting for the new FMA scanlations.

Note: I have also managed to make this meme mildly redundant before I've even gotten any comments, on account of some more icon fiddling. And so it goes