July 11th, 2009

Death Note: Autograph


Well, what do you know. For the very first time, one of the slightly dodgy DVD box sets I obtained from the Neighborhood Anime Store of Dubious LegalityTM has actually turned out to be, well, slightly dodgy. In a way that doesn't involve hilarious misspellings on the box.

Namely: My Death Note box set was completely missing one of the episodes. Fortunately, the missing episode was episode 20, so it's not like anything really vital was missing - in fact, in wasn't until another half-a-dozen episodes in I even realised I'd missed something. (And for completisms sake, I made sure to watch the episode online once I realised I'd skipped it)

It's actually kind of a first - I know the DVDs from that store are kind of dodgy, but it's never been quality dodgy. It's more the don't-ask-why-they-are-so-cheap-and-look-nothing-like-official-boxsets dodgy.

I'm not entirely sure what I can do about it, either. I could go back and complain, but unless all the other identical Death Note sets somehow have an episode this one was missing, it's not going to change much. And even if the store owner likes me enough to give me a discount on the stuff he sells me, I'm not getting a refund for a receit-less cash sale that I've already watched.

Maybe I'll just tell him so he can complain to his supplier. Or whatever. And then try to get the official individual DVD with that episode on it on sale somewhere.