September 8th, 2009

Utena: With Sword

I am not a dumpling

So today during interning there was a SURPRISE DEPARTMENT MEETING in which I had to do a SURPRISE PRESENTATION of just what it is I am doing. Joy and wonderment.

Though I am now trying to decide which sort of public speaking I dislike more. The impromptu kind, which results in flailing and panic at not having anything prepared, and so screwing up when you get asked questions. Or the prepared kind, in which you have an extended period of time to get nervous about. And yet when we are doing group discussions on something I have an interest in, I am entirely capable of taking over the entire conversation, no problems. Weird.

Oh, and the fire alarm went off. But it was a false alarm, so we didn't have to evacuate. Whatever were those people on the 20th floor doing?

Afterwards, I went and met up with Allan on account of some random texting, and witnessed his hilarious failure at dumplings.

Seriously, there were epic amounts of fail. It was glorious.

Oh, and we had some exceedingly random conversations about using Hobos to teleport to Coburg (Don't ask), and Allan made this oh so charming quote: "It's like one of those army sticks, but with a woman attached."

...Yeah, this just reminds me that I need to spend more time with friends having conversations about this sort of random insanity.