December 12th, 2009

HP: Dumbledore's Army

Oh Internets, what would I do for entertainment without you? (Yes, I know the answer is "books")

So, semester results are out! Well, sort of - my Radical Fiction marks apparently don't get released until Monday because of that staff strike thing. Eh, whatever.

(Yes, they came out yesterday. I was going to post about it last night, but after I had to wait a freaking half hour for a tram from the CBD on a Friday night, I sort of gave up in the face of being grumpy and late).

But anyway, I did decently enough on the stuff I did get marks for. H2B for Dangerous Earth - which is rather good, given how much effort I actually put into that subject (Hint: Not very much), and for my internship, a H2A. I was rather pleased about that.

And back on to fandom, which I am sure is much more interesting.

- Over at Fandom_Wank, we have infamous wanker Victoria Bitter + Harry Potter fandom = epic shenanigans. Particularly given what fic it turns out VB was responsible for, and the highly amusing "true stories" they have been telling.

- So, the new Geass thing seems to be a prequel manga? Yeah, I'm down with that, though I may need time to adjust to the different art style.

- ...I'm amused that there is already fanart of said manga. (Personally, I like this one, even if it does give me the urge to say "Cheer up, Emo Renya, your life can't possibly suck as much as poor Suzaku's did!)

- FMA fandom is doing a truly glorious job of flipping out - not that I blame them in the slightest, since I was also one of the flippees. Hands up who else thinks we may reach the end of FMA manga in 2010?

- I really need to get around to reorganising my bookshelves so I have enough room for my new manga stuffs. And new books. Space is kinda low currently...