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You know that wizard kid...

So, tonight I saw the OotP movie. Don't really know what to say, actually. Some bits I really liked, some bits really bugged me, some I was annoyed at the changes from the book, and a few times I was impressed at how the book was changed/kept.

But I can't really come up with an overall opinion on the movie, in it's own right. Alas.

It just makes me want to read more Harry Potter, fanfic or otherwise. Luckily, I haven't long to wait.

Speaking of, it appears a whole lot of spoilers are drifting around fandom for Deathly Hallows. I don't care about the validity or not, IF YOU SPOIL ME I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL!

Srsly, I've been going spoiler free so far, and I'm trying terribly hard to resist temptation. Don't make it any harder.

*one more week. Just one more week...*
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