April 5th, 2010

Utena: With Sword

And naturally I have more to say about fandom than anything else

And I'm back! Not that I exactly went away for long. Or exactly "away" for that matter.

Still, the jaunt out the Hamiltonian way was interesting enough. Had dinner with the family at a Greek restaurant I swear wasn't there last time I was in Hamilton; got a bag full of Easter eggs which I lugged back up to Melbourne with me; in a bit of free time, I started to watch Full Metal Panic (xwingace will be pleased); cleared out some of my more sentimental and/or useful junk from the far, (Gosh, it's been a while since I've been out there). Though I was right, most of the stuff there I won't really miss all that much.

Oh, and got Dad's address for where he'll be living in Thailand. I think he offered to pay for us to come over and visit when he's there. Which on one hand: free trip to Thailand. On the other hand: everything else. Sigh.

In other news, the trip to the USA in the middle of the year is looking increasingly likely. Here's hoping that happens.

In non-Hamilton related news, my flist has exploded with stuff about new Doctor Who. It's all very chatty and nostalgic.

Also, apparently, the new series of Ashes to Ashes, though that got swept away in the tide of Doctor Who. I still need to watch that episode, though.

Oh: New (and final) FMA:B Opening and Ending themes. Like the animation, am still deciding about the songs. They are also quite spoilery to recent chapters, though IDK if it might be cryptic enough to escape people who haven't read the manga.

One of the things I did follow a bit while I was away was some of the ongoing shenanigans between The HMS STFU and the Snapefen, and somehow when wandered into the discussion it somehow ended involving some ongoing dicussion I've been having about certain aspects of Code Geass fandom and then the streams crossed, and now I sorta-kinda want to write a paper analysing the psychological underpinnings of the Draco In Leather Pants tendency in parts of fandom.

Yes, I know. How would you even study something like that? I don't even know what subject it would be classified under.

In conclusion, ypaladinofchaos, why do you always update that fic of yours on mornings when I am just about to leave home?