August 30th, 2010

Haruhi: SOS Brigade

Because I do all my social planning online

You know, I honestly think writing cover letters is even more boring than updating resumes. It's so... formulaic. Though on the plus side, once you have saved a cover letter for one job, you only need to do a find-replace and you have a suitable one for other similar jobs. Yes, Mother, I have been sending in job applications today.

Apart from that I've haven't been having a real busy time as of late. I went to my sister's birthday dinner party thing on the weekend, met some of her friends (well, the ones I didn't already know, anyway), had food, drinks - egads that punch.

And then we played Jenga and watched Doctor Horrible. As one does at a Birthday Dinner Party.

On the subject of social type thingies: This upcoming weekend is when WorldCon is being held here in Melbourne. Now, I'm not going to the whole thing because dude, mondo expensive. Plus I think I have some social things coming up - A birthday invite on Friday night, and Mum's down in town for the Sister's birthday at some point.

But I wouldn't mind spending, like, one day there, check out some of the panels and so on. And possibly meeting up with some of the interstate/international flistees and such who are in town.

So... anyone going, anyone got any they'd recommend I check out, anyone want to plan a meetup? Or whatever.