September 15th, 2010

Lulz Internet

Today's jaunts into job applications

So, trawling through job sites again, and on the open positions that popped up was a position designing and analysing survey data. For... Metlink.

Yeah, that Metlink.

I vaguely considering applying for it (despite it requiring, you know, experience), since social research is sort of my field. And then I realised that even thinking about working for Metlink made me laugh uncontrollably.

So, so much for that.

In other news, I found a traineeship to apply for that doesn't have an email address. As in, the only way to apply... is by printing all the forms out, and sending them in the post. How ~retro~. It also requires photocopies of my academic transcript. At least it isn't due for a few more weeks.

Isn't job hunting exciting?