December 28th, 2010

P&S: Keep Calm and Drink Tea

Christmas: Not always a survival sport

And I am back! Not that really went all that far. And, you know, still had internet access and all that.

But I am back at the iPartment and things are operating more normally for now. For a value of normal that occurs between Christmas and New Years' anyway.

But I spent Christmas in that bastion of excitement, Hamilton, with Mum and The Sister. Headed down on the train on Christmas Eve, had Christmas lunch at Mum's, had a brief jaunt down to Warrnambool on Boxing Day, and otherwise just hung around for a bit, got depressed by the cricket, and wrestled with Sudoku.

I also discovered that the only actual restaurant that was open in Hamilton yesterday had nothing vegetarian on it's menu. Seriously, what was with that?

Presents included Dalek bubble-bath from my sister, to my great amusement. Plus also chocolate and a gift voucher from her. And a DVD of The Aristocats, which we used to love when we were kids.

Mum got me another Pandora charm for my bracelet, a red shoulder bag, an electronic sudoku game thing, and more chocolate. And there was that check I got from Dad last week.

And then today we came back to Melbourne, which means today has been spent catching up on my Internetting, and watching the last episode of Panty and Stocking, to which I have to say that Gainax truly are the kings of trolling. Ho boy.