January 1st, 2011

Doctor Who: Hoopy Frood

Ring in the New

Bit late for this really, but Happy New Year to all!

No resolutions for me, 'cos I never both with them, just a sense of slight bafflement at the fact that it is now 2011. The date rather feels like I am living in the future (and I do wonder how long it'll take until I get used to that being the year.)

For New Year's Eve, I ended up at a friend of a friends place for Second Floor-ish shenanigans. It was actually right in the city, which meant we were really close to the Flagstaff Gardens and had a great view of the fireworks there at midnight.

The evening also involved Mario Kart, assorted board and card games and drinking games. And far too much drinking in general, I think, given how blech I was when we headed back home again (...at 4:30am. As one does.)

Here's hoping for good things through the rest of 2011.

And some random lulz for the day: Cat vs. Internet