February 9th, 2011

Evangelion: Kaworu


So, Night Market.

Going to the Night Market reminded me of how much fun it is to go there, with all the music and crazy international foods and quirky stalls and whatnot. And sangria. Can't forget the sangria.

And also tonight there were espresso martini's which deserve some sort of warning, and are probably responsible for everything else that happened tonight. Including this post. Fear the espresso martini. FEAR IT, sweet flipping Jesus!

But hey, I got to buy some leather gloves, which are deeply inappropriate for this weather (and which probably explained why they were so cheap), and a denim corsety top thing. Which is technically a bit too big, but when it cost $8.50, I think I can live with a bit too big. And a cupcake with marshmallow icing, and some dried cherries.

Also, I bought a cactus. I think I am going to name it Hector.

So yeah, I'm also trying to get my body clock back to something resembling sanity before class starts up again. And also before Friday, since we have an orientation thingy on Friday morning. This may mean less ridiculous late night chatting sessions, I am afraid.

And for some things that are not inspired by that damn espresso martinitonight's adventures:

- So there's going to be a Good Omens miniseries. Apparently. I look forward to hearing more about this, if only for the reactions to the casting, which will be... interesting.
- A collection of fan-made alots. Yes, it's supposed to be spelled that way. And now I want my own alot. :/