February 18th, 2011

Ashes to Ashes: Shoes

I wouldn't let the high school kids hear about whiteboard walls...

And more Uni has been had.

Wednesday involved more tutorialising, this time in the new teaching building, and by new I mean they haven't actually finished building it yet.

Also, our classroom had whiteboard paint on the walls, which means you are allowed to write on them. This may be fun!

And we got assigned groups for homework stuff, so yeah.

And today I we had Professional Practice seminar stuff, by which I mean preparation for our placements. I actually have a placement now, though I won't be saying any details on it in public - I saw what happened with that lady who with the bitching about her students blog.

Then I went to the College of Optometry to make an appointment to get my eyes checked next week, and then bought some new clothes to wear on my first day of placement. Because we were told to dress like we were going to a job interview, and I am somewhat lacking in suitably professional summery clothes. (I have summery clothes, and professional looking clothes. Just not much that is both.)

And that made my exciting and wonderful day. Here, have some live action Mario Kart.