March 14th, 2011

FMA: Sleeping Ed and Books

And I also have an assignment due next week

Oh blarg Uni. Aside from the fact that we didn't get the day off despite it being a public holiday today (which meant I still had my 9am lecture to get to), I also ended up sticking around Uni until late.

See, one of classes has four readings every way, most of which are quite long. So instead of making everyone read a couple of hundred pages every week, we have this thing where everyone is divided into groups of four, each person in the group does one of the readings, writes up a summary of it, and then shares it with everyone else in the group.

Well, my reading for this week wasn't online - it was in a book that was on the recommended reading list, but not required (so I didn't buy it). And all the copies at the library were taken out, some overdue. So I ended up, after class, grabbing a two hour lone copy and a borrowed Uni laptop, trying to read 40 pages and summarise it all in one page before my two hours were up.


In other news, FOUL had a tea party at lunch today. Which was rather unexpected, given this is FOUL we are talking about.

Oh, and a few people on my flist seem to have some offers up over on help_japan. I really must work out how high I am willing to go with bidding on that.