March 25th, 2011

Kitten Chasing Tail

I think I just wanted to start a post with the words "Fie on you!"

Fie on you, Melbourne public transport and your evilness. Fie! And other such things.

There are very few things in the world quite so frustrating as watching your bus sail merrily past your bus stop without, in fact, stopping, especially when you are still several buildings up the road. And they mean that you then show up late for your school placement. :/

This was made even worse by the fact that the second bus at the changeover ended up being 10 minutes late. If it had been on time, I would have been only a little bit late. Instead, I ended up hanging around the station for far too long when I really should have been doing something more productive.

I think it gave me a twitchy eye. I can feel it twitching.

And the weather has gone back to being really cold again.

Here, have a video entitled "Cat vs Snake". Spoilers: The cat wins.

I wish to enquire as to what all this madness from the Code Geass section of my flist is on about.