April 3rd, 2011

Life on Mars: Fight Crime

The universe has sadly failed to reward by preparation skills

I am currently being grumpy at Supanova. Conventions going to be on next weekend, and they still have posted a schedule online. How am I supposed to know which day I want to go to if I don't know what stuff is on? /whines

I was actually getting all prepared and everything. I did my assignment that isn't due for another week this weekend, just so I have less assignmentage to do next weekend.

*pouts at the universe refusing to be helpful for my desires*

Aside from my productiveness in writing up assignments, I also bring you a collection of random silly things I found online I found between writing paragraphs. Because that's just what I do, apparently. But thank you, internets, for informing all the people who have stranger lives than I

So, there's the blog of this guy who goes around asking authors to insult him when they sign books.

There's a guy who glued a tiny sequined hat to his head.

And there's Stephen Colbert singing "Friday". Yes, that Friday.

And have a meme I think I yoinked from rhipowered without actually commenting on. (Sorry, Rhi! *hides*)

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