April 17th, 2011

Death Note: Smirky Light


Look, sir, memes! It's got me posting again, anyhow.

I got this from yinake who so kindly roped me into this thing, bless.

The rules, if anyone else wants to play:
1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 (fictional) people. ** Male and/or female, if you are so inclined. Just say so.
2) Post this meme to your LJ with your answers. **Feel free to answer in the comments here if you like.
3) Provide pictures/text descriptions and the names of the 3 people.
4) Label whom you would shag, marry and (push off a) cliff.

I'd also say, if we are less familiar, give me some fandoms to pick from, so I don't pick anyone you don't know.

Anyway, Yina gave me Spike, Light and Suzaku. Because we apparently have the same taste in men.

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Memes. Boo-yeah